Family Summer Fun

JUNE 22, 2016

The kids are out of school for the summer and you hear the dreadful, "I'm bored!" Time to whip out some ideas that can be fun for the whole family.

1. Movie in the backyard 

This is sure to win the kids over. All it takes is a projector, ($68 from, and some popcorn! Project it on a wall or sheet for in instant movie theater under the stars!

2. Glow in the dark chalk

This isn't your typical chalk. This chalk glows in the dark. Now you can make your street look like Pandora from Avatar! ($2 at Target)

3. Water Balloon Galore!

We all know the perfect summer idea is a classic water balloon fight. But there are many other fun ideas that include water balloons such as target practice. Chalk out a bullseye and see who gets closest to the middle!

Or test out your baseball skills!

4. Laser Tag

What a great way to get some fun competition and excercise than a family round of laser tag. Mom vs. Dad or sister vs. bother, and whoever wins picks where to go for dinner!